Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can't Get Enough

It seems I just can't get enough of my pictures these days.  
I take, I edit, I take more, I edit more.  
I re-edit, and re-edit, and re-edit.  
It's an addiction.  
.....though, as I tell my husband, 
I could be addicted to something much worse than photography!!
Be glad.  

Nancy, these aren't the doors I've been raving about.  
These are the only ones a safe distance from the road and it was a super short shoot - the rain got us!
Still gonna get the amazing doors soon. 


  1. Great shot! This would be a good shot to take every single year, to show his growth.

  2. Cool shot - you should also try shooting at Stonewall Jackson School which is not far from the house. Old buildings and a cool old bridge


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