Saturday, July 14, 2012

We Interrupt This Program...

Today, please ignore me as I pause from posting pretty things 
and photographs of one particularly amazing little boy 
to let you know that we've been without tv for over a week now.
10 DAYS, Y'all!!!
 I'm not blaming it entirely on this house I love so much,
but when the house was built in 1879, they did not make arrangements for wireless internet and/or DISH network!  
Just sayin.  
So, in the past week I've learned that I REALLY can do without television.  
We're really not big tv watchers anyway and we NEVER watch movies.  
(other than The Hunger Games - had to see it, they shot a lot of it just down the street.)
But, this week I REALLY missed:


You see, Matt and I have been together since college.  
He gives me the teensy bit of news I need to carry on my day while Larry Sprinkle advises me on my wardrobe choice.
Hunter rainboots or Tory flats?  You get the picture.  

Here's hoping that next week will bring a little Matt and Larry into my life.
I need to know the weather!!

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  1. Bless your heart. Maybe you should start a fund.


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