Friday, August 31, 2012


"Bonjour, Holly," is my favorite greeting from a cute little neighbor who lives around the corner.  
Did I mention that the cute neighbor is French and, also, happens to be a fantastic cook?  
She learned from her mother and grandmother, who was the famous crepe maker in her village. 
Yesterday, we had such a fun afternoon when she came over to teach me how to REALLY make crepes.
How lucky am I?!?!  

I meant to take better pictures, but I was too busy swirling, wrapping, and flipping to pick up the camera.  
These are the pictures I did get and just trust me that the crepes were fabulous. 
....even the ones I made.  ;-)


And, now for those of you..
ahem, Andy
..who only want to see pictures of Griffin.  
Here he is, in all his 2-year-old glory!  

Don't adjust your monitor - I edited these super funky just for a different, lighter look.  

Gotta go for now - I'm aspiring to be the famous crepe maker in my village!
...or at least in my beach house.  

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  1. Love the pics! Learning to make crepes? Hard. What are you going to put in them? More please.


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