Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holly, Kate, & Hyperemesis

I was just as excited as everyone else to hear that a royal baby is on the way.  
But I was also a little heartbroken when I realized Kate is battling Hyperemesis.  
Hyperemesis is the condition I suffered from while pregnant with Griffin. ...and it's miserable. I'm in hopes that hers is the kind that goes away after a few weeks.  My doctors told me time after time that it would most likely go away after 3 months.
...after 4 months.
...after 20 weeks.
...they'd never seen it past 25 weeks.  
...most definitely it would ease up at 28-30 weeks.  
Thankfully, I was finally induced at 37 weeks because it 
Never. Got. Any. Better. 
My doctor has since told me that my case was the worst she'd ever experienced and I changed the way she talks to her patients with Hyperemesis.  
I had PICC lines, feeding tubes, 13 hospital stays, a pump that I stayed attached to 24/7, another pump that we added at night, and the CONSTANT feeling of nausea.     
My sweet parents even moved in with us to be my nurses.  
Ok,really, my dad was the nurse who gave me injections every 4 hours (even all through the night) and my mom was the cleaning lady.  
Now, it is so hard to believe that my sweet little Griffin came out of that horrible experience.  
There is a wonderful light at the end of the tunnel, 
but it's so hard to see through the sickness.  


  1. When I heard that about Kate, I thought about you. I don't know how you did it. Glad you wrote this post.

  2. I know this must have been hard to write but I am glad you were able to share. Proud of your determination and courage during the darkest days.


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