Wednesday, March 27, 2013

RZ Project

My partner-in-crime and I thought we should celebrate our favorite show with a fun dinner.  
With time constraints upon me, I settled for a pretty table setting with fast and easy food.  
Here's my glam table:

...complete with Bananas as our place card holders.
Get it, "Bananas!?"

Our food was very simple;
we had Veggie Flatbread with Chips n Dips.
...but I did make these chips.  :-)

And the other partier made these for dessert.
I'm not sure what they are, but they were fantastic!!!


  1. I'm confused...she's on tonight! Were you just getting ready, or did y'all record it? BTW, she's getting on my last nerve, but it's good to know that her husband isn't wearing a rug...last season it looked like it.

  2. Ok, maybe I should've specified this was LAST WEEK'S DINNER! No rugs, Fancy Nancy, but he needs a haircut if you ask me.


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