Friday, May 11, 2012

Ms. Shabby Chic

Let me begin by saying, in my house, I am the celebrity spotter.  
When Miley Cyrus was ordering her Chick-Fil-A in SouthPark Mall,
I spotted her.  
When Ludacris was walking down the street 5 feet in front of us, 
I spotted him.
When Mike Myers was eating in the same restaurant, (in London)
I saw him.  
Patrick Swayze was waiting on a cab at LAX.
Venus and Serena Williams were with us at Heathrow following Wimbledon wins.  

Am I forgetting anybody here?  

Granted, in Charlotte, Steve Smith sightings are not uncommon. 
BUT, I was the only one onto his lame disguise;
gray sweats and a gray hoodie (over his head inside the mall.) 
Come on now!
You're not fooling me - you still can't hide that you're no taller than me and as wide as a mini-van. 
And, we see your face under that helmet every Sunday so when you almost tackle me in front of Burberry, 
I know who you are!!

Anyway, on to the MOST IMPORTANT story.  
It was 6:00am on the first day of the Brimfield show.  
It was super cold, rainy, and dark; the sun really wasn't up yet.  
Jason had walked to a booth on the right and I walked to a booth on the left.  
When I looked back to meet Jason in the middle, 
Rachel Ashwell, Ms. Shabby Chic herself!  
Jason said I was so excited that I started throwing all my stuff at him in order to get my camera out.  
I'm sure he was right, I was SOOOOOO excited!!
I mean, if that isn't a sign you're in the right place - 
you're out antiquing with THE Antiquing Queen!

(Excuse the bad pictures, I just can't bring myself to actually take pictures with celebs.  I prefer to stalk them from afar!)

Lucky for me, by 9:00am (which felt like 2:00pm) the "husband" was starving and wanted something to eat.  
Jason got in line and there she was again!  
So, this time I HAD to say hello.  
And, I'm happy to report that she's the sweetest person ever.  
She was so interested in my house and went on and on about the High Point Market when she found out we were in Charlotte.  
I asked if there were any new books coming out soon and she has two releases in 2013.  

Such a sweet lady! 
...and an adorable assistant.  
THAT was worth the trip to Massachusetts! 

PS - I saw her walking around later in the day with a pair of antlers and Jason watched her buy 4 little side tables (all for $125) so I'll be looking for those on her blog!  


  1. That is a hoot! If I was there, I would have MADE you pose with her. It is a plus when the celeb is actually a nice person. I mean, we WANT to like them, but when they are snobby or unfriendly, it is such a disappointment. Wouldn't you like to just follow her around for an entire day? Glad you had a good time.

  2. Hahaha! She was awesome - LOVED HER!! Yes, I did want to follow her around, until I figured out that I needed to get AHEAD of her or she'd get all the good stuff. It was amazing!!!!!


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