Monday, January 14, 2013

Lovely View

I love this Camellia bush right outside my kitchen window.  
It's so pretty and handy when I want to clip a few blooms to bring in.  

In other kitchen news, I added this shelf to hold all of my cookbooks.
...and a few spare dishes.  

I hope you enjoyed the fabulous weather as much as we did.  
We put together a trampoline, pulled G (and the dog) downtown in their wagon, and walked to church.  
Pretty great for January!


  1. You never slow down! The flowers are beautiful, as is the book shelf.

  2. Ha! We're moving pretty slowly today - G is sick. I've done a lot of snuggling and nose wiping (and hand sanitizing!!) this morning. I guess all that jumping this weekend did him in. :-(


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