Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"Lou" is an important person at my house.  
Little G still can't say his "y's" so words like "you" and "yellow" sound like "Lou" and "Lellow."  
It really is adorable as he quickly leaves the baby things behind.  
My favorite Griffin quote is,
"Lou look cute in Lour outfit." 
...and he tells me this multiple times a day, even when I just change into pajamas.  
So sweet!

We did have a minor (sort of major) accident Monday night when the sweet boy fell out of his bed.  
We're transitioning to a big-boy bed and he's done so well with it, he doesn't get out.  
He always waits until I come get him up.  
He has slipped out before, but this time he cut his head (I'm still not sure how)and it looked like a crime scene.  
Not a good 2am wake-up call.  
He quickly recovered and only has a tiny little cut now.  
Poor baby!

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  1. Awww, sorry about G. Hope he's better now. Cute pics, AU. That's as usual ICYWTK (in case you wanted to know). I'm soooo with it. Stay with me.


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