Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kitchen Island

For sure, no one will ever accuse me of being afraid of a 
paint brush.  
This kitchen was really wearing on me and I'd tried lots of different 'tricks,' but nothing really helped.  
Until I finally decided (yesterday) that the island was bringing me down.  
Insert quick trip to Lowe's and can of Ocean Surf - 
we're all much happier!




  1. Hahahaha! You're gonna be in BIG trouble, missy! This is G's summer camp weeks (aka; time when I get all my projects done.) Trust me, you'll be much happier when you come and see the BLUE island instead of the dull, green one. ;-)

  2. HOLLY!!! I just realized this was YOU!!! When did you start a blog? I love it! How is that adorable Griffin? xoxox


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