Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Thomas and Tweetsie were a great combination!
The NC mountains made a fantastic background for these pics I took of Thomas.  
...which may end up in frames for G's room.


  1. Holly, Griffin is so beautiful!! I love those curls, and I feel like he is a little mini Jason in that first picture of him smiling... the expression. Those pictures of Thomas are AWESOME!! Sadly, we did not make it to see Thomas this year (nor have we in past years), but Tweetsie is the BEST! On another note, I am planning to be at the Hall of Fame inductions at Lynn's... will you two be there??

  2. Ha! Griffin DOES look like Jason - when he was born we really hoped he'd inherit 2 things: Jason's Harvard brain and my skin color! He does have my skin, and time will tell on the big brain. :-) So glad you're coming to HoF - Jason's dj'ing so we'll have lots of time to catch up. Can't wait!!!!


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