Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thanks, Novogratz

I'm so happy with my interpretation of the front porch curtains previously spied on the Novogratz's porch.  
Thanks for the inspiration!

This would be a great time to point out that this house has zero curb appeal.  
In fact, when I first showed it to Jason, he said,
"You want to look at THAT house?"
But after looking at it online, I knew there was something we were missing. 
I was right - the 14 ft ceilings and expansive interior won us over immediately.  
I love this old house!!

And, I left out one of my absolute favorite features:

Love, Love, Love!


  1. Great job with the porch curtains! Looks amazing! Are you the first in Concord to have them...Concord's trail blazer!

  2. Ha! Girl, this is Concord - not 'da ATL! I'm not so sure about trailblazing, but I do love my curtains!!


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